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Who are we


Localization and Optimization of Response Mechanisms Initiative in Yemen (LORMIY) is a collaborative strategic movement undertaken to promote fair, equitable and dignified response in the current response system and to make humanitarian action more principled and effective by working collectively and independently to influence policy and practice. The initiative aims to promote the localization and optimization of humanitarian response mechanisms in Yemen, in alignment with the goals and principles of the grand bargain commitment and other local and international agenda. The initiative was launched on August 2021 and currently consist of more than 50 members from diverse sectors, national, local, WLOs, disability, youth led and the different type of local actors. The localization initiative is coordinated locally and internationally and affiliated with global localization networks such as ICVA, C4C, VENRO and NEAR.

Our Vision and Mission


We envision a future where response in Yemen is characterised by fair, equitable, and dignified practices, fostering a system where local actors lead and shape humanitarian response efforts.


Our mission is to transform the landscape of humanitarian response in Yemen by actively fostering fair, equitable, and dignified practices. We are committed to advocate and promote optimizing a response system where local actors are at the forefront, leading and shaping response efforts.

Our Values

Respect for Human Rights: 


1. Local Ownership and Leadership: 
2. Partnership Alignment: 
3. Needs-Driven Approach:
4. Inclusivity and Diversity:
5. Accountability and Transparency:
6. Continuous Learning and Adaptation: 
7. Sustainability and Resilience: 
8. Advocacy and Influence: 
9.Conflict Sensitivity and Do No Harm: 

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives:
1. Strengthening Direct Partnerships with Local Actors:
2. Empowering Local Actors Leadership:
3. Enhancing Coordination and Complementarity of the Response System:
4. Community involvement revolution and Ownership:
5. Promoting Enabling Environment for Local Actors:
6. Strengthening Local Actors Institutional Capacities:
7. Improving Funding Accessibility and Quality:

Our Objectives