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Membership Guidelines

Welcome to the Localization Initiative's Membership Program – a community of dedicated organizations and individuals committed to reshaping the humanitarian response landscape in Yemen. Before joining, please review our Membership Guidelines to understand the criteria, benefits, and expectations associated with being a part of our dynamic network.

Application Form for Full Membership

Ready to join the Localization Initiative as a full member? We invite eligible organizations to complete our user-friendly Full Membership Application Form. This form will gather essential information about your organization and its commitment to the principles of localization and community-driven responses.

Application Form for Associate Membership:

The localisation initiative is welcoming also individual membership for experts, initiatives, and organiztions who would like to join informally in an associate membership with the Localization Initiative. So those are encouraged to complete our Associate Membership Application Form. This form is tailored to gather information relevant to associate members, ensuring a seamless onboarding process.

Thank you for considering membership with the Localization Initiative. Your involvement strengthens our collective impact and contributes to a more inclusive, responsive, and effective humanitarian response system in Yemen.