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Localization Initiative in Yemen Submits Proposals for Membership in the HCT

Through discussion among the initiative's members on the mechanism for selecting additional members of the humanitarian team and the current process, members proposed recommendations aimed at improving the HCT membership policy mechanism, so as to ensure enhanced inclusiveness, diversity and effective representation of both current and future members.


These proposals include improvements in eligibility criteria, candidacy, election and voting process, affirmation of local membership responsibilities to local actors, assessment of membership, and renewal or termination of membership associated with HCT membership, ensuring that the team consists of specialized and capable organizations working collectively to address humanitarian challenges, and ensuring transparency, accountability and good practice for local actors' involvement in leading the response.


The recommendations noted that the proposal was not a substitute for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) terms of reference, and what was in in the IASC's general terms of reference, and the current policies of the country response team. However, it enhances these policies, ensures the participation of local actors and their voice in the decision that influences and provides additional inputs to existing policies.