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Vocational Trainings for Promoting Job Opportunities and Helping Youth Start Their Own Businesses

Vocational training for 40 young men and women in motorcycle maintenance, accessories manufacturing and drafting, and wool knitting in Ash Shamayatain and Al Ma'afer Districts, Taiz Governorate. 


This comes under "Improving Livelihoods and Resilience of the Most Vulnerable Conflict-Affected Particularly Women and Youth", implemented by Tamdeen Youth Foundation, in partnership with Oxfam, and funded by Novo Nordisk Fonden.


Iyad Sultan, Project Coordinator, stressed the importance of #vocational_training to provide young men and women with crafts and #business_skills that relieve them of living burdens, move them from need to production, and contribute to economic recovery and local development.


He pointed to the distribution of vocational tools kits to trainees after the completion of training to start their own businesses, engage in the labor market, and obtain sustainable sources of income.